Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A view of Jheel Ugali

A picture of Ugali lake and mountain before Ugali (Village Kuradhi) and a beautiful cloudy scene. (Picture by Zaigham Sultan)

A view of Sakesar from Ugali

This picture is captured from Ugali of Sakesar mountain. (Picture by Zaigham Sultan)

Ugali Soon Valley

This is a picture of Ugali Soon Valley in the fields and in cloudy scene. (Picture by Zaigham Sultan)

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I'm Zaigham Sultan Awan and I am revealing this blog Soon Valley to all of you to have a look about Soon Valley Sakesar.Its a very beautiful place to live and to visit if any one of you want to join this blog you all can join and also if any one want to visit this beautiful land of Pakistan it will be a great journey for all of them.Soon Valley consists of approximately 30 villages and all the villages are so much beautiful.There was a british his name was "John Andreson" who visit Soon Valley in back of 100 years he said: "Soon Valley has many vallies".
There is also a PAF Air Base Sakesar in our Soon Valley Sakesar this PAF base is one of the highest bases of Pakistan and it is so much pleasant and its also snows on Sakesar mountain and the Soon Valley is God blessing to all of us.There is Lake near Ugali Village and it is so much vast and long lake in the Soon Valley and there are also so many birds there which are migrated from Siberia and the people of Soon Valley also hunt them and the birds are Queen Ducks (Khere & Murghabian) and these are so much beautiful.